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Careers at Maack & Company

Our client base is growing continually. To keep up with the demand, our team needs to grow as well.

Are you a team player, and would you like to join us as a long-term partner for our demanding clients? Please feel free to reach out to us:

tax clerks, tax specialists, university graduates with a major in tax law, and tax consultants are always welcome.

Ask us about the attractive perspectives that we offer tax clerks, tax specialists, and tax consultants.

Contact Catarina de Figueiredo at

Job and family

Day after day, our team delivers outstanding performance. At times, it is difficult to reconcile family responsibilities such as children or relatives in need of care with the demands of the job. The requirements at that place in life often present a major challenge. To make sure our team members can concentrate on our clients and taxes, we offer flexible working time models. We know how important it is to have some leeway!

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