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The service spectrum of Maack & Company

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Tax consulting at Maack & Company

What are the main aspects of tax consulting? Of course, figures and correct results are important. However, trust and a high consulting quality are at least equally important. In our daily work, we reflect this conviction. This is doubtlessly one of the reasons why some of our clients have already put their trust in us for three generations. Your personal contact on tax-related topics will always be by your side. After all, it's all about cash. Your cash.

Due to the flood of new tax laws and regulations, the complexity is increasing practically every day. But no need to worry! Our consultants are always up to date and are also well-versed in international contexts.

Comprehensive service for accounting and tax returns

We take good care of your payroll and financial accounting, your annual financial statements, and your tax returns. Benefit from our expert advice! We provide guidance for companies and private individuals.

Design and structuring of tax affairs

We offer you extraordinary competencies far beyond the range of day-to-day duties. For example, we are specialists in reorganization tax law. Moreover, we develop suitable, legally sound solutions in the fields of succession, inheritance, and gifts. Additionally, our VAT experts are always up to date despite the rapid changes in this subject area—in Germany and around the globe.

Assistance in dealings with tax authorities, in the case of tax audits, and before the financial court

When it comes to representing and enforcing solutions, you can rely on our expertise. Do you feel that you have become a "difficult case"? Do you need to disclose additional income information and are you afraid of making mistakes? Please feel free to contact us. We have the solution and the expertise you need right now.

Your figures contain messages.

We decipher them.

Audits at Maack & Company

Our audit firm offers a comprehensive spectrum of audit services and related consulting services. In our daily work, we never lose sight of our elevated service and quality standards. Like our clients, we believe in stable, long-standing partnerships on the basis of traditional values: reliability, trust, and security. These qualities have always been and remain the most important pillars of a successful relationship.

By means of statutory and voluntary audits, you furnish evidence of the truth and accuracy of your accounts. At the same time, audits can be used as a business development tool. Our business process and risk-oriented analyses help to identify opportunities and risks. Additionally, special audits, e.g. in the field of due diligence, form the basis for important entrepreneurial decisions. Our specialists are at your command with a high consulting quality and state-of-the-art audit software, all in line with the latest standards. We take good care of you!

Audits of annual financial statements according to the German Commercial Code (HGB)

  • Statutory audits of annual financial statements
  • Voluntary audits of annual financial statements
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements
  • Audit review

Special audits

  • Merger audits
  • Reformation and foundation audits
  • Audits according to special regulations under stock corporation law
  • Audits pursuant to Section 16 of the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (MaBV)
  • Financial and tax due diligence for company acquisitions and sales
  • Enterprise valuation reports
  • Audits of accounting-related internal control systems
  • Tax compliance management system

In an economically meaningful, legally correct way.

Legal advice at Maack & Company

The implementation of tax solutions often requires deep legal insight, especially when things get trickier and standard approaches would not work. Together with our affiliate Maack & Collegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, we offer you answers to legal and tax-related questions from one source.

In our economic and tax-related considerations, we always take the legal framework conditions into account. Conversely, we always examine the tax effects of our legal design proposals. Virtually all of our lawyers are also qualified auditors, tax consultants, and/or tax law specialists. Thus, you can combine financially sensible solutions with what is legally correct.

That might get complicated?

Sounds good.

Special areas of Maack & Company

Design consulting

Our objective is not to manage your taxes but to reduce them to the necessary extent by means of creative solutions. Smart design consulting is our passion, especially for complex projects and companies. Benefit from a consulting quality that goes far beyond the standard measure. Our expertise in the field of tax law has been well documented by means of numerous lectures and publications in specialized magazines and is renowned among professionals.

On this basis, we regularly develop design models that give our clients effective economic leeway. If there are several design options, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a clear, substantiated solution proposal. Coach change, open new pathways!

Succession planning

There are no standards for succession planning. Each company is as unique as its history and is closely attached to the people who (will) lead it. The models that we develop integrate the past and the present to deliver future-proof solutions and ensure transitions with respect and entrepreneurial foresight.

Taking the needs of both the transferring party and those of the successor into consideration, we have developed and rolled out numerous intelligent and successful succession models both for our own clients and for the clients of other tax consultants. The models range from a transfer with usufruct elements to the establishment of special company forms (e.g. partnership limited by shares) to family or non-profit foundations in Germany and abroad.


Restructuring offers opportunities and new perspectives. However, it is important to make the right moves in order to ensure that the decisions made today remain sustainable in the future. We listen, understand, and implement projects for more than 40 companies a year. Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide important impulses in this area, too. Together with members of the tax administration, we hold numerous specialized lectures on reorganization and reorganization tax law to selected audiences, e.g. in the fields of designing company restructuring measures, tax precautions, contractual implementation, and enterprise valuation.

Mergers and acquisitions

Are you planning to sell a company? If so, you need somebody who will get immersed in your subject matter and who has a wealth of experience in organizing even the smallest details. Here too, we are your reliable partner—for international purchases, as well, of course. We offer you the entire spectrum from the contractual guidance of the transaction to all areas of due diligence. For our prudent, professional coaching of numerous successful company purchases, the trade press designated us as the top tax consultancy for M&A processes in 2017.

Coaching of tax audits

Good preparation for tax audits is vital to protect your capital and your nerves. We are familiar with both sides: Benefit from the many years of experience that Thomas Maack gained in a leading position in the field of tax audits at the tax administration. This consulting quality is also evident in our team. Our experts will be pleased to provide you with professional assistance for tax audits.

Financial court proceedings

We have the experience and the power to enforce your claims in court. Since our foundation, our lawyers and tax consultants have taken cases all the way to the Federal Fiscal Court. At the outset, we examine your chances for success, providing a realistic opinion. If a court case should start, you can rest assured that you will be represented in the best way possible.

Support for clients of other tax consultants

For many years, we have supported other tax consultants throughout Germany in the rollout of projects for their clients, e.g. in the fields of restructuring, succession planning, design, or difficult tax audits. In connection with tax audits, you will greatly benefit from the know-how of our founder and partner Thomas Maack, who spent almost 20 years with the Hamburg tax administration, mainly as a tax auditor.

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